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Heartburn in the Heartland

west meets midwest... midwest wins

Idle Idyll

rain, rain, go away!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

movement without forethought is still movement

Road Trip

first time's the charm

Roseville Story

never get out of the boxcar

Sense and Sensimilla

home is where the heart was

No Name Jive

just faces & places

Music to my Ears

riding in e flat minor

Paradise Found

don't leave home without it

Inside Looking In

is this all there is?

Pushin' the Cushions

we don't need no stinking tickets!

Iowa, my Iowa!

so near and yet so far

the Sixties

personal experiences during that most defining decade

Urine the Army Now!

or how to stop worrying and love basic training

Stranger in a Stranger Land

a beeline to the beehive state

Roleplay as Therapy

the bay area is my oyster

Riding in the Winter

there are reasons for the seasons

The Absence of Warmth

how cool can that be?

Why Am I Here?

and why aren't I there?

Early Autumn

what's gone is gone

The Way of the Land

over, around, and through

Sole Sacrifice

the agony of da feet

Are We There Yet?

getting there is all the fun

Yard Limits

look before you leap

Eastward Ho!

the zen of trainriding maintenance

The Salt of the Earth

is the spice of life

When Reality Isn't

see me, touch me, feel me

Hiatus in the Hinterlands

this (3.2%) bud's for you!

In the Realm of the Census

divide and concur

The Sounds of Silence

in the key of see

Branch Line Blues

this medium didn't get the message

Midnight in the Garden of Snow

i am the walrus

The Biggest Little Branch Line...

...in the World

Life in the Slow Lane

counting the ties on the Modoc

Death and Texas

which comes first?

Coming into Los Angeleeze

return your packs to the forward position please

I Read, Therefore I Am

books make the man

Days of Wine and Rodents

the uneventful events of waiting for a train

Cathy's Story

i dream the night fantastic

Food for Thought

you are what you've eaten

Alone Together

cold steel for breakfast

Watching the Nevada Channel

my tv's bigger than your tv

Oakland Musings

there is a "there" there

Go East, Young Man!

looking for my roots in all the wrong places

The Train-Time Continuum

if it's tuesday this must be montana

40-milers Anonymous

it's not how far you go, but how you go far

Time Spent Well...

...is time well spent

White Like Me

trapped in suburbia

My Domain Needs Surveying

idle fingers point the way

The Low Quark of MIT Boys

intelligence is a state of mind

The Winter of My Discontent

the shortest distance between three points

Some Things Are Interesting

and some aren't

Miles & Miles of Miles

the smooth way to rough it

My Own Private Utah

I could get used to this

Utah in a Nutshell

in the land of the latter days

Take Only Pictures...

...leave only empty wine bottles

I, Me, Mine, and Yours?

one is the loneliest number

Oy Canada!

take these huddled masses... please

Behind Bars

that's where mine was

Suburban Cowboy

smoke 'em if ya got 'em

Milk Run

motion is overrated...

Pipe Dreams

round and round we go

When Everything Was New

and things got old fast

Modoc Memories

going out the branch

Riding the Möbius Line

the beginning is never the end

The Tropic of Interest

the latitude of platitudes

Don't Cry For Me Rancho Cucumonga

my "you're a'peein' vacation"

To Halve and to Have Not

the unbearable lightness of starvation

Outside Looking In

voyages of voyeurism

Checks and Balances

nobody checking and fewer balancing

The Beet Goes On

the perception of deception

Any Port in a Storm

movement is overrated

Roseville mon amour

time is a state of mind

Scents and Sensibilities

I love the smell of brakeshoe smoke in the morning

Routes, Rock, Reggae

rock around the clock

You Can't Always Get What You Want

but i'm happy to settle for what i need

The Gripes of Wrath

what's so great about the central valley?

The Mnemonic Plague

one man's roygbiv is another man's vibgyor

In the Stall of the Mountain King

the world is my urinal