buZ blurr

car numbers

Below are over 100 car numbers that can be used to track down buZ blurr drawings, along with notes by buZ (in red). Most Colossus of Roads drawings were done in 1984, and most Gypsy Sphinx drawings were done during 1978 and early 1979.

GVSR 782200boxcarold CofRgourdhead collages 
GVSR 783079boxcarold CofRsot c.e.o.
(when UP CEO checked into Betty Ford Center,
all the while paying himself $13 million a year
HLSC 599 old CofRgeneral specific stamp 
MP 367210boxcarold CofRnothing much (blue Monday) 
MP 367273boxcarold CofRbrush hogs endangered species1990
MP 367373boxcarold CofRinfinity lines rr 
MP 367508boxcarold CofR__moral [?] 
MP 367559boxcarold CofRmusee de la poste 1994
MP 367597boxcarold CofRhighly disliked1992
MP 367600boxcarold CofRJ.B.King, esq. 
MP 367601boxcarold CofR__D __ss half [?] 
MP 367608boxcarGypsy Sphinx  
MP 367625boxcarold CofR488/23/91
MP 367659boxcarold CofRcolossus of roads 
MP 367697boxcarold CofRmorning glory vines untie my shoes
(also did "briars untie my shoes")
MP 367761boxcarold CofRwhere's that protection that I needed1991
MP 367777boxcarold CofRcolossus of roads 
MP 367826boxcarold CofRwill arrives (first grandson)
fruitless ponderment
MP 367831boxcarold CofRyule dread 
MP 367869boxcarold CofRCo Co's last run9/30/2000
MP 367879boxcarold CofRyule dread 
MP 367917boxcarold CofRgo staggerlee 
MP 367937boxcarold CofRlost womble canto/bad attitude2/92
MP 368002boxcarold CofRquos deus vult perdere prius dementat
(whom God wishes destroyed they first make mad)
MP 368019boxcarold CofRhighly disliked1992
MP 368029boxcarold CofRjust passing through 
MP 368058boxcarold CofRfug__t hora 
MP 368087boxcarold CofRsofie won't eat
(our dog Sophie, prior to death)
MP 368130boxcarold CofRfake picabia brothers6/93
MP 368164boxcarold CofRcolossus of roads 
MP 368198boxcarold CofRcolossus of roads 
MP 368224boxcarold CofRcolossus of roads 
MP 368239boxcarold CofR_____fly 
MP 368288boxcarold CofRground collages 
MP 368457boxcarold CofRcolossus of roads 
MP 376011boxcarold CofRidle idylist1992
MP 376656boxcarold CofRfish scent fills the air 
MP 388485boxcarold CofRexcessive force 
RBOX 34971boxcarold CofRfaust 
RBOX 37547boxcarold CofRrb___cellge 
RBOX 39781boxcarold CofRbad credit 
RBOX 40573boxcarold CofRcolossus of roads 
SP 240828boxcarold CofRscissors saturday1991
SP 241649boxcarold CofRtough case settled1997
SP 244741boxcarold CofRira furor brevis est 
SP 245081boxcarold CofRcolossus of roads 
SP 246000boxcarold CofRpo' SP
(po' SP, prior to UP takeover of SP)
SP 246043boxcarold CofRaltri francobolli 
SP 246088boxcarold CofRbillion dollar juggernaut 
SP 246236boxcarold CofRcolossus of roads 
SP 246439boxcarold CofRaesthetics of indifference 
SP 246488boxcarold CofRJoe got Billy 
SP 247908boxcarold CofRswiss face facts/le jour viendre SF 
SP 248182boxcarold CofRyouth in asia (sofie) 
SP 248232boxcarold CofR  
SP 248396boxcarold CofRlutetia
(what Romans called Paris [first trip to Europe])
SP 248479boxcarold CofRbay area dadaesqueist 
SP 248538boxcarold CofRBoston or not? 
SP 496602 old CofR 1/11/87
SSW 67236boxcarold CofRconcrete block head 
SSW 67704boxcarold CofRmelancholiac 
TOE 2005boxcarGypsy Sphinx  
TOE 2006boxcarGypsy Sphinx  
TOE 2048boxcarGypsy Sphinx  
TTPX 80924bulkheadGypsy Sphinxeach4/27/77?
TTPX 80931bulkheadGypsy Sphinxredux 
TTPX 80931bulkheadold CofRno when to cut out 
TTPX 80990bulkheadGypsy Sphinx  
TTPX 81006bulkheadold CofRterminal case6/9/79
TTPX 81007bulkheadold CofRmore fresh windows 
TTPX 81038bulkheadold CofRharness wort 
TTPX 81433bulkheadold CofRmarital strife/effigies jumped over 
TTPX 81536bulkheadold CofRsilver away 
TTPX 81908bulkheadold CofRrust never rests vandalized 
TTPX 82180bulkheadold CofRcolossus of roads 
UP 215701bulkheadold CofRsorrow floats a book about death 
UP 215702bulkheadold CofRdamn beggar lice all over1995
UP 215705bulkheadold CofRgood for nothingness 
UP 215707bulkheadold CofRnurenburg/reseau exceptionalle 
UP 215736bulkheadold CofRheckle jeckle hyde 
UP 215745bulkheadold CofRcolossus of roads 
UP 215747bulkheadold CofRsorrow floats (ruby) 
UP 215775bulkheadold CofRo j newt 
UP 215778bulkheadold CofRbrush hogs endangered species 
UP 215780bulkheadold CofR49/twiddle my thumbs8/23/92
UP 215786bulkheadold CofRbillion dollar juggernaut/gargoyle 
UP 215796bulkheadold CofR  
WP 30833boxcarold CofRyellow__/Lypsophobiac
(Lyssophobia is the fear of losing ones mind)
WP 38009boxcarold CofRG.S. tumble 
WP 38020boxcarold CofRno when to cut out 
WP 38077boxcarold CofRItinerant Iteration 
WP 38121boxcarold CofRpostcard mogul 
WP 38129boxcarold CofRepididymisectomy10/87
WP 38137boxcarold CofRsteel road/evanescent route 
WP 38146boxcarold CofRsorrow floats logbill burial 
WP 38156boxcarold CofRpo' C&NW
(po' C&NW, prior to UP takeover of C&NW)
WP 38184boxcarold CofR  
WP 38191boxcarold CofRelk meat move 
WP 38209boxcarold CofRcolossus of roads 
WP 38213boxcarold CofRsleeping in the washroom 
WP 38224boxcarold CofRcolossus of roads 
WP 38242boxcarold CofRwill arrives 
WP 38271boxcarold CofRcolossus of roads 
WP 38304boxcarold CofRpulling tonnage post 
Below are some older tags of mine:
BN 200108boxcarNBFtibor dross #2 
GMO 156524 NBFEugene10/8/91
NP 96159 NBF  
NP 97766 NBF  
SP 241614boxcarNBF  
SP 244994boxcarNBFWhite Port Route 
SP 246149boxcarNBFWhite Port Route8/5/89
SP 246685boxcarNBFGeyserville Turn3/29/85
SP 246814boxcarNBFWhite Port Route8/8/86
SP 247168boxcarNBFW. Colton to Dunsmuir12/27/91
SSW 60907 NBFSparks, NV6/9/85
SSW 60964 NBFwith Short Track & Grinch4/17/99
SSW 60966 NBFBritt or Bust7/27/85
SSW 66450 NBF 3/31/92
SSW 67557 NBF  
SSW 74961 NBF 3/9/92
WCRC 3123 NBFChemult, OR12/1/92