landscape images

of northern california

My landscape images were taken at various locations throughout Siskiyou County in Northern California with the help of ArcaSwiss, Autopano Pro, Homesite, Nikon, Paint Shop Pro, Photomatix Pro, Photoshop, Really Right Stuff, SinghRay, Vello, Vuescan, WhiBal Reference Cards, and Zerene Stacker

They were originally taken in color using either a SinghRay LB Warming Circular Polarizer or a MorSlo ND10 Stop filter, or as infrared using a SinghRay IRay filter and then converted to black & white using Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop

Later images, in color and infrared, were taken with a Sigma Quattro SD camera with a 1428mm f/2.8 lens

peak 8001t