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links to websites with information on freighthopping:

Amelia Merrick's Photo Galleries

Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture

Craigs Railroad Pages

Dadgari Photography

In Defense of Trainhopping

The Digital Hobo

Dome O' Foam


Faded Glory magazine

Following the Tracks

Freighthopping Follies 96-98

Handmade Jewelry by Shannon McGowan

Hobo Jungles

IAIS Boxcar Art

Image Gateway: Photography by Jeffrey Bass

In Search of the American Hobo

Jan Hertoghs / Just a streetview (in Dutch)

Joey Alone's website

My Happy Hobo Days

"Portland Tracks" zine

Rail Adventure

Railroad Earth

Ride Dirty or Die's photostream

"Shit Eatin Grin" zine

Southern Pacific Northwest

Strange Cargo

Thunder Rolling Down the Mountain's photostream

Tim Barry Rivanna Junction

A Trip to the Keddie Wye

True Stories by Steve Keeley

Virginia Lee Hunter Photography