Vinegar  Valley  Express
Vinegar Valley Express

The "Vinegar Valley Express" is/was a railbus, made by the McCloud River Railroad, that carried loggers to camps in the woods. I originally put up a page of photos taken at its "final resting place" east of McCloud in January 2000 here.

snow-covered road

Recently I wanted to see how it looked after almost 12 years of weathering, but I had to walk in because the road was covered with a couple feet of snow.

Vinegar Valley Express

This time I relied on a GPS unit rather than my feeble memory and found the car easily. The trees to the right of the car's front have grown curving along it's body.

Vinegar Valley Express

Aside from a few missing floorboards the interior looks about the same as it did the last time I visited, including it's unique "dropped ceiling".

old metal tank in woods

Nearby was this rusted tank whose purpose is unknown to me.