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almost 300 stories from riders about their first trip, their worst trip, and everything in between:

Abdul Rahimov

Exploring Detroit
Portland to Nampa
Vancouver to Klamath Falls
Portland to Eugene
Richmond to Mojave
San Jose to Oakland
Crossing Stampede
Roseville to Eugene
Sacramento to Oakland
A Little Ride
Craig Branch
Riding from Truckee to Davis
San Luis Obispo to Oilfield
Santa Cruz Local
Jasper to Edmonton, sort of
Goodbye to the West
Winter is Here
Cumberland to Gaithersburg
Hyattsville to Cumberland
Hagerstown to Manassas
Hagerstown to Roanoke
Riding the Feather River Route (1991)
Belen to Barstow (1996)
Klamath Falls to Oroville (1992)
San Jose to Glendale (1991)
San Jose to Oakland II
Laurel to Seattle
Las Vegas to San Bernardino
Raton Pass
Royal Gorge the last time
Farewell to the Modoc
Moffat and the Royal Gorge (1992)
Hagerstown to Altoona, by accident
Back in the Saddle
Reflections on a 5-mile Ride
San Jose to Oakland III
Daytripping on the Santa Fe
Urban tragedy no. 2: exploring Buffalo
DC to Richmond
Dunsmuir, Three Years Later
Grand Junction to Denver, 2003
Manassas to Hagerstown
Roanoke to Hagerstown
Hagerstown to Harrisburg
Abdul Face Plants
Laurel to Casper
Exploring St. Louis
Groundhog Day in Elko
the Connellsville Fiasco
A Hiatus Ends
Camden the Damned
41 Miles Through Maryland
Cheyenne to Ogden
Forced to jump a train (Hagerstown to Lynchburg)
Epiphany in Klamath Falls
Baltimore to DC on CSX
Return to Detroit

Mark Robert Noel

My First Train Trip
Spring Break '95
Spring Break '96
Spring Break '97
Spring Break '98

Rictor Swing

First Train Trip

Dave Gross

San Luis Obispo to San Jose

Lance Humpert

First Train Trip

Scott Bukowski

First Train Trip

Jim Kane

First Train Trip

Deadline Dino

First trip

Garage Dave

First Train Trip
Seattle to Rochester
Washington Loop
Seattle to Tacoma and Back
Seattle to Scenic and Back
A Trip to Fred
Klamath Falls to Dunsmuir
Dunsmuir to Eugene
Eugene to Portland
Portland to Tacoma
Burlington to Everett
Seattle to Mukilteo and Back
Experiences with Police
Off to Get Drafted - part 1 (Milwaukee to Chicago)
Off to Get Drafted - part 2 (Chicago to Denver)
Off to Get Drafted - part 3 (Denver to Ogden)
Off to Get Drafted - part 4 (Ogden to Roseville)
Off to Get Drafted - part 5 (Roseville to Eugene)
Off to Get Drafted - part 6 (Eugene to Seattle)
Coast to Coast - part 1 (Secaucus to Meadville)
Coast to Coast - part 2 (Meadville to Fort Wayne)
Coast to Coast - part 3 (Fort Wayne to Chicago)
Coast to Coast - part 4 (Chicago to Kansas City)
Coast to Coast - part 5 (Kansas City to Pueblo)
Coast to Coast - part 6 (Pueblo to Salt Lake City)
Coast to Coast - part 7 (Salt Lake City to Ogden)
Coast to Coast - part 8 (Ogden to Roseville)
Coast to Coast - part 9 (Roseville to Klamath Falls)
Coast to Coast - part 10 (Klamath Falls to Portland)

North Bank Fred

If It's Tuesday it Must Be Colorado!
Colorado trip
Flemish Flailings
Out the Modoc
Modoc Revisited
Eugene Revisited
Dunsmuir to Eugene
Dunsmuir to Klamath
3 Days in a Boxcar
Klamath Shuttle
Vancouver to Black Butte
Klamath Chronicles
Idle Idyll
Doin' that Oak-town thing
The Long Way Around
Technology vs Clouds
On the Road (with Mops & Wuschel)
The Rain in Spain...
Summer '89 Train Trip
Christmas '89 Train Trip
Christmas '90 Train Trip
Christmas '91 Train Trip
the Owl and the Pussycat
Another Klamath Trip
excerpts from 1989 Journal
excerpts from 1990 Journal
excerpts from 1991 Journal
excerpts from 1992 Journal
excerpts from 1993 Journal
excerpts from 1994 Journal
excerpts from 1995 Journal
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Heartburn in the Heartland
Road Trip
The Low Spark of Haiku

Sam Glen

Roseville to Sparks
Dunsmuir to Klamath Falls
Derailed in Portola

Dave Williams

excerpts from "Boxcar Philosophy"


Sir James... Highball !!
Solitude Never Hurts Anyone
Giggles and Whatnot with Freight-cars

No Doubt Dave

Winter '98 Ride

Bitterroot Scotty

A Ride on the UP
To Adams and Back

Whiskey Dick

Roseville to Dunsmuir and Back in 48 hours

Gerry Van Zandt

Portland to Hinkle
Kings of the Road
A Summer's Finale
Fall Follies: Godspeed Mr. Grinch

The Littlest Hobo

My First Train Trip


Eugene to Sacto
Sacto to Oakland
Montreal to Thunder Bay
Port Huron to Toronto
Minnehopeless to Chi-town
Portland to Pocatella
Eugene to Portland (a short ride)


Sudbury to Thunder Bay
First Catch Out
Jasper to Vancouver, August 2004
Peterborough-Havelock (again)
Riding the Rails in Mexico
Montreal to Halifax
Toronto to Edmonton

Too Tall Ken

First Ride
Cheyenne West
In the Land of Deseret

The Owl

First Hop


First Hop, Sudbury to Winnipeg
Coast to Coast, almost...

Kyle Hoger

Freight Hopping, Aborted


Portland to Seattle and Back
Vancouver, WA to Bend, OR?
The Friendliest Little Bull

Flee Hopper

The West Coast Hobo Gathering

Mosca Avacado

The Exploding Unit
A Banjo Lesson


Dunsmuir to Klamath
Baggage Claim

Delta Blue Jeans

A Mail Train, Mojave Desert, and a Pocket Full of Water
Appalachian Sittin' Blues

Chris Rogers

The Short Train Ride

Shit Eatin' Grin

The High Line

Jet Set John

Hopping in '66


Train Hopping

Steve Keeley

Six Miles of Smoke
Hoboes and Apples
The Rails Sing, eh?
Hunting and Hunted on the Rails (Latin Like Me with Doc Bo)
Chihuahua Barks at Night
Island Capitalism
Central American Express
Village Idiot
Copper Canyon
Nabbed in the Rio Grande
Back in the USA (Executive Hobos and 9/11)
The Pacific
the Sierra
Great Basin
Milk and Honey Route
Velvet Cushions
Rolling Classroom
Long Road Home
Snafu in the Global Village
Railroad Indicators
Soot and Grit
Reno is Hot
The Last Westbound
Carpe Diem!

John Stone

First Train Trip
Denver to Chugwater
Denver to Granby
Denver to Missoula, Feb 2009
Door to Door sales - Hobo Style

Big Boy

A Close Call
Trains and Polecats

Big Boy II

A Fine Ride on the Highline


Chattanooga Choo Choo Memorial Day Weekend
Birmingham Bithcuts


Coal Train Suicide
Barefoot on Ballast


Ridin' the Poles Outta Gainesville, FL
Death of a Locomotive


Trip Report: Black Butte to Portland

Victoria Howe

Endless Summer
Solo Strip Trip
Highline Hijinx


Coast to Coast on the Overland Route
Coast to Coast on the Highline

John Bemel

Hopping freights from St. Paul to Seattle


Oakland to Austin via the Sunset, 2009
Overland to the Ozarks
Criminal Trespassing
Klamath to the Mountains
Alabama's First Train Ride
Hoppin' the Canadian Pacific Summer 2013

Mickey Fonx

Roseville to SLC

Soup Can

Summer 2009, Northwest

Andy J. Garcia

Eugene to Roseville