Winter ride


Lucas, Ken Howe, Fred Larson

In mid-January of 1996 I rode from Dunsmuir to Klamath with a reporter and photographer from the San Francisco Chronicle to get material for an article. Above (from left to right) are Lucas, Ken Howe, and Fred Larson.

Lucas, Fred Larson, American Nomad, Ken Howe

The American Nomad (in camo jacket) chats with Ken Howe.

fire ring in boxcar

As darkness (and the temperature) fell, we built a fire to keep warm.

American Nomad, Fred Larson, Ken Howe

The darker it got, the colder it got...

North Bank Fred, Fred Larson, Ken Howe

Finally getting off in Klamath Falls around 1:00 am, we rolled out in the old SP garage to wait for a southbound.

unidentified tramps at Black Butte

After stopping at Black Butte the next morning, we met these guys who rode down a few cars behind us on the front end of a grainer.