Postcards from the front

1,000 words with the click of a shutter

Below are some moments from past train trips...

Under threatening skies I waited for several hours one morning in Western Pacific's Stockton yard for an eastbound. Just as it started to rain a train came out of the yard and the engineer hollered out that he'd go slow until I got on, which I did when an open boxcar came by shortly afterwards.

Photo Bill and I are on our way back from a trip to Grand Junction, CO where we spent a few hours as guests of the Parachute Police Department as a result of an earlier "incident". Here Bill is enjoying getting sprayed with salt water as we cross the Great Salt Lake.

After spending another Christmas with my family in So. Calif. I decided to ride back through Nevada and Utah, and here I'm passing Las Vegas at night.

Stopped on a siding somewhere to meet another train that pulled by slowly, I briefly exchanged glances with another rider going in the opposite direction just a few feet away.

With some almost-frozen Gatorade nearby, I get ready to bed down for the night in the Dunsmuir yard while waiting for a northbound.

Another long wait for a train this time in Klamath Falls on a cold but sunny day heading south.

Inspired by the works of others who had gone before me, I add my comments to alleviate the boredom of waiting for a train.

Heading over the Sierra after a major snowstorm, a cozy boxcar allowed me to check out the scenery in relative comfort.

Another cold winter day in the Klamath Falls SP yard while I top off my "antifreeze" before heading down to Dunsmuir.