Hiking Journals



  • January Parks Creek, Haystack, Yellow Butte, Sheep Rock, North Fork of Castle Creek, Root Creek, Whitney Creek
  • February Loop Trips in the Crags, Black Butte, Castle Dome, Upper Sulphur Creek
  • March Upper Sulphur Creek, Dump Creek
  • April Loop Trips, Sulphur Creek, Pacific Crest Trail, Winton Canyon
  • May Indian Creek Canyon, Disappearing Creek
  • June Soapstone Pond, Upper Sulphur Creek, Deadfall Lakes, Toad Lake
  • July Indian Creek Canyon, Root Creek
  • August Mt. Eddy, Indian Creek Loops, Disappearing Creek, Mt. Eddy
  • September Gray Rock Lakes, Devil's Gulch, Trinity Divide, Root Creek, Indian Creek Canyon, Horse Camp, Hidden Valley
  • October Little Castle Creek, Heart Lake, Hedge Creek Falls, Indian Creek
  • November Indian Creek, Mt. Eddy, Root Creek, Castle Creek
  • December Root Creek, Parks Creek, Root Creek Falls, River Trail, Ney Springs Creek


  • January  Flume Trail, Devil's Garden, Hedge Creek Falls, Burstarse Falls, Butte Creek
  • February  The Big Storm, Upper Sulphur Creek
  • March  Indian Creek Canyon, Black Butte, Disappearing Creek, Upper Sulphur Creek, Little Castle Creek
  • April  Sulphur Creek Loop, Flume Trail Loop, Crags Trail/Root Creek Trail Loop, Indian Creek Canyon
  • May  Devil's Garden, Trinity Divide, Sisson-Callahan Trail, Deadfall Lakes
  • June  Root Creek, Mt. Eddy, Sisson-Callahan Trail
  • July  Bear Creek Loop, Mt. Eddy, Mt. Eddy Ridge
  • August  Root Creek, Bear Creek Basin
  • September  Gray Rock Lakes, Mt. Eddy Ridge, Soapstone Trail, Pacific Crest Trail
  • October  PCT/Bob's Hat Trail/Service Road/Kettlebelly Trail Loop, Castle Dome, Indian Creek, Milt Kenney's Trail, Sheep Rock
  • November  River Trail, Trinity Divide, Indian Creek Canyon
  • December  Pluto's Cave, Ney Springs Creek, Indian Creek Nature Trail


  • January  Root Creek, Flume Trail Loop, Root Creek Falls
  • February  Ney Springs Creek, Burstarse Falls
  • March  Hedge Creek Falls, Sulphur Creek, Pluto's Cave, Root Creek
  • April  Flume Trail Loop, Service Road Loop, Black Butte, Root Creek
  • May  Indian Creek Nature Trail, Sulphur Creek, Root Creek, Kettlebelly/PCT/Root Creek Loop
  • June  Trinity Divide, Deadfall Lakes, River Trail, Gray Rock Lake
  • July  Mt. Eddy, Deadfall area, Sisson-Callahan Trail
  • August  Soapstone Pond, Mt. Eddy Ridge, Deadfall area
  • September  Sisson-Callahan Trail, Trinity Divide, Castle and Heart Lakes
  • October  Deadfall area, Pacific Crest Trail north from Gumboot, Mt. Eddy
  • November  Campground Area Loop, Indian Creek Nature Trail, Caldwell Lakes, Castle Dome, Ney Springs Creek
  • December  Castle Dome, Flume Trail, River Trail


  • January  River Trail, Sheep Rock, Indian Creek Nature Trail, Root Creek, Sulphur Creek
  • February  After the Storm, Sulphur Creek, Park's Creek Overflow, Ney Springs Creek, Root Creek
  • March  Campground Area Loop, Ney Springs Creek, Root Creek, Castle Dome, Burstarse Falls
  • April  Lower Indian Creek, Flume Trail, Upper Indian Creek, Sheep Rock
  • May  Flume Trail, Root Creek